Where does the time go?

Hello there,

Where has the time gone, it only seems like yesterday, oh, alright a couple of days ago since my last post but it was actually 12 days ago!  I must have been having fun??

Well, I have been busy working and trying to learn how blogs etc work so I can make life a bit easier when doing my blog posts.  Ha, ha, as a friend would say, with computers nothing is easy.

But stop, I am not here to discuss the pros and cons of computers, I am here to show you some the flyers for Creative Memories new “stuff” for June.  Yes, I know this is the second week of June but we only got back from holidays at the beginning of last week, and needed to get organised (that’ll be the day:)) before going back to work.  I started to write this post for you last Friday – well, you know how far that got – turned the computer on that’s it.

Now to the point of this post, showing new products and information about them, and perhaps a card at the end.

Let’s start with the new products flyers, some lovely paper packs, punches and border makers.  A couple of bundles which will only be available for a short time – i.e. Limited editions, namely the Americana Bundle and the Celebrate Canadian.  The “Adventure” paper packs look great for showing off your adventures and I hope to get some of our recent adventures “scrapped” and uploaded for you in the weeks to come using the digital versions.  You can also checkout my website or CM Blog.

The card show the Daisy Punch now no longer available, but the Doily and the new Adventure punch are available, so get in quick before it’s gone.   You know where you can do that, at my website. 

Until next time and thanks for looking.



Card 5 – Friday 20 January 2017

Final day of the working week and the final day of making cards, I had intended to make a couple more tomorrow and Sunday but I have a workshop tomorrow and not sure if I can fit one in.  We’ll see….
Anyway for my last card of the week, I just had to make a coffee related card because just like some of you, I love my coffee and I could not let this week go without a “coffee fix” so enjoy!
Thank you for visiting and I hope you got some inspiration from the cards this week.  It was a pleasure to make these cards this week.
Until next time…..

Card of the Day – Day 4

Hello again, well it’s Thursday so it must be technique day. Because I had some (lots) photos of the flowers in our garden I thought I would try to use them as background papers. Here is my first attempt.

I printed the photo on A5 (half A4), then trimmed to fit the card blank and attached after roughly working out what I was going to do and how. Then stamped Mike’s small tulip on some patterned paper, which I then trimmed to size.  Attached with double sided tape; then keeping the theme of flowers I found pre-made flowers – the red one came with brad attached to which of course I added the white linen one and attached with a double sided mount. Then because I felt it was missing something I thought a sentiment of some kind was needed and I had some pre-made ones to choose from and I thought the best was “beauty” simply because flowers are beautiful. And, voila. That’s the card for Thursday. Hope you like it. Until tomorrow.

Card 5 COTD Dec2015
Beauty indeed!

Spring time in the North!

Hello there, sitting out on our patio and enjoying the lovely weather.  It’s been so ‘up and down’ wintery, wet weather through most of December/January and a few hot, to veryimage hot days through Feb.  now very pleasant weather – it is autumn after all – the best season of all.  But that’s just my opinion.  Beautiful colours, and reasonable temperatures.

But just to whet your “appetites” for the spring (those in the Northern Hemisphere) I have a couple of photos from our garden.  Enjoy.  Till next time.

Gladioli from our garden
Gladioli from our garden

Day 3 – little cutie

Dragon of a day? well, not exactly, but this little dragon caught my attention and I love it. Something about it’s mischievous look. What do you think? This is actually an Artist Trading Card (ATC). When I posted this on the group site, the question was, surely not an ATC? It has to be on a card.  It is definitely an ATC as I made it for an ATC swap for another group.  I hope the person who gets it isn’t afraid of dragons:)!  Cheers for now.

Day 3 Cutie dragon18Feb2015

and these are my holiday snaps between rain dumps!

Port Macquarie NSW is about 8 hours’ drive, give or take, from where we live.  We went for 10 days and for about 7 it rained on and off mostly on and you had to try and go for walks or do your shopping between downpours! But we were close to town and didn’t have far to walk. The shots are along the water mostly. Saw dolphins, a sea turtle that poked its head out for a few seconds and just the general “run of the mill” pelicans that tried to take your lunch off you.  Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy the photos.1372130728834 1372130826786 1372312797205 1372560945001 1372560957676 1372561035279 1372561048741 1372565225110 1372565601196 1372659228179 Chinese Junk at Pt Mcquarie Jun2013 One Trunk tree - Pt Mcquarie Jun2013

Card now finished!

I started this card a few weeks ago and only got as far as cutting it out but now I have completed it. May not be very elaborate or ornate but I tend to go for the simple ones particularly when you have to concertina the card.  I have taken several shots to give you a good look.  Enjoy and have a go.  I give you a challenge to see what you can achieve!  Ciao.