National Scrapbooking Weekend!

Hi folks,  National or International Scrapbooking Day/weekend was enjoyable, hard work but worth the effort.  It was a pity that my customers were unable to attend, because they missed out on a very productive and enjoyable day.

The aim was to have four 2-page layouts completed, preferably with photos but in our case we had the layouts complete one day and attached photos the next.  Because of some of the mat sizes on the layouts, it was a little difficult to find appropriate photos to cut to size so we have left some of the layouts blank until we can find suitable photos or manage to reduce some in size.

For those new to scrapbooking, using templates is the way to go but that is unfortunately a drawback because photos don’t always fit the templates, but hey, you have to start somewhere.  Once you get the idea of putting things together you can use your own designs to “scrap” or “dress up” your photos to make them even more fun to go through.

We have several albums of scrapbook pages, mostly made by me until this year when my partner started.  Anyway, I had better get to the photos for you to see what we did.

I also made a digital version which is a PDF version, this version has different photos to that in Set 2, Digital NSD.

Thanks for reading and looking.  Cheers, until next time.

First set – Layout 1
First set – Layout 2
First set – Layout 3
First set – Layout 4

Set 2 – Layout 1
Set 2 – Layout 2
Set 2 – Layout 3
Set 2 – Layout 4