Wholly Cow!

Well, with that title I’d better explain.  Today we went for a drive and stopped for morning tea in Sawtell, NSW, not far from Coffs Harbour.   We parked the car and were in fact parked only a couple of shops from the cafe “Wholly Cow” and I just couldn’t resist having morning tea/coffee.  I had a coffee,  my partner had a hot chocolate and a vanilla slice each.  The vanilla slice was the best I have had in years.  I don’t usually write about this sort of thing but this time I thought I’d give them a plug.  No, I didn’t take a photo but the pastry was so beautifully flaky, it was melt in your mouth and the filling – custard – was homemade, not the powder-made custard you usually find.  Absolutely beautiful and delicious!  Their burgers are great value too.  Definitely recommend when you’re next in the area.

And just in case you think I’m joking with the name I did take a photo of their business card.  Cheers for now.