While I’m here ….

Hi again, yes, while I’m here I should briefly tell you of a great site for some lovely, free and inexpensive digital downloads for your cards and scrapbooking projects.  Or any other crafty project for that matter, “CraftsUprint“.  Go ahead check it out, the link is on the left under both “Craft” and “Cards and Scrapbooking” categories on my blog.  I will be posting  items made using some of the digital downloads once exams are done and cards made.  Thanks for visiting my blog.  Until next time.


For all you card makers and scrapbookers!

Hi there,

For those following my blog, apologies, I’ve been a little occupied with study, work and sleep these past few weeks.  Exam on Thursday, so while I took a break from study I made a card – as you do – well, not everyone but as I’m falling behind with card making I thought it might be relaxing.  Anyway, just thought I would share with you a card I made yesterday, playing around with some “left overs”, literally, but quite pleased with the result.  See what you think.  Thanks for looking.


Card of the Day – Day 4

Hello everyone,

Well, I know some of you have been waiting for the promised technique for my “teaser” since Monday.  Thank you everyone for all your enthusiastic and encouraging comments.
Well, this week’s technique is not that difficult but it is or can be messy, so before you start you need to have the following:
  • your waterproof, stain/paint proof craft sheet, you also need to ensure that you don’t have anything close to the area where you are going to be spraying water (or paint);
  • choose 4 colours of Ranger Ink pad or Stain, I used Dried Marigold, Aged Mahogany, Mowed Lawn and Vintage Photo (or Brushed Corduroy), I honestly cannot remember the brown as I didn’t know I was going to use the card for a ‘technique”;
  • have a dry cloth and wet wipes or similar, tissues/kitchen paper(paper towel for those down under), as you would when working with any water or paints/stains;
  • choose your card stock – better on watercolour paper and cut 1-2 cm bigger than you need or to whatever size you think appropriate, you cut or trim to size later;
  • mister or small spray bottle with fine spray.
Once you have everything ready:
  • “stamp” your pads on the craft sheet side by side to for a square – different colour on each corner (in a square not the corners of the craft sheet);
  • spray with your mister to give you some runny colours, then place your pre-cut watercolour paper/card on top, of course on the side that you want the colour on – if you want on the smooth side or the slightly textured side – your choice.  You need to hold one corner or edge of the paper and swirl the card around on the wet craft sheet. Mine was only a trial and it seems to have turned out well.
  • check and see if you have an effect you like, if not, put back and give it another go!
  • let the card dry – it might take a day or so before you can work with it, perhaps use your embossing heat tool, but you need to be careful that you don’t burn the paper.  I suppose that could also be an effect too:)?
While you’re waiting for the stained paper to dry, gather your other items:
  • card blank – in the colour to blend with the stained card;
  • sentiment stamps or dies, flowers, washi tape;
  • and what other embellishments you wish to use, such as ribbon, “diamonds”, stickles, etc.;
  • double sided tape, glue, clue dots, etc.
Today’s card is the other half or two-thirds (give or take) of the card I used to create the background, so in effect I had a piece that was big enough to make 2 cards.
I wasn’t sure what would eventuate.
For the first card (Monday) I used the “steam” from Michael’s coffee cups set and sponged/distressed with Black Tuxedo (Momento) ink, then stamped the “steam” to show a little around the edges of the BLANK.
Once dry, cut your stained/painted card in half or to fit your card depending on how much of the Blank you want to be visible, then use it as a guide to how much or how little stamping on the blank you need.  Sponge/distress the edges of the stained/painted card to blend with one of the colours used and attach to the blank in the position you have prepared for it.
Then embellish or decorate as you wish. Wow, it’s a lot easier to do than to write it all out, I’m exhausted just from writing all this!
As I said today’s card is the other half of the stained card I used on Monday’s card.  I have also made it the sketch card for January 2016.  This card doesn’t have any stamping behind the stained card background card.  I have only used double sided tape to fix everything in place.

I think that about does the “technique” happy to take questions which I will answer as quickly as I am able.  Likewise if I have forgotten to mention something.

Thanks for looking. I hope you enjoy the card.

Cheers until tomorrow.  Lola.
Technique Day
Card of the Day – 4. Technique Day

Card of the day – day 5!

Phew! Made it, nearly didn’t get the last one done. Anyway, this little one is made with Kaszazz Moment to moment cards along the lines of pocket cards (Becky Higgins’ Project Life). I reduced a couple of photos and coloured the background on the computer, then simply assembled with Mike’s fan stamp in the corner to dress it up. So, that’s 2 techniques for you this week. I hope you enjoyed the cards as much as I enjoyed devising them. Thanks for looking and for your generous comments throughout the week. Until next time. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year break. Cheers, Lola.

COTD - Day 5

Sorry about the delay in posting this, but I had some Christmas cards to make which needed to be “snail mailed” so ….. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!

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Spring time in the North!

Hello there, sitting out on our patio and enjoying the lovely weather.  It’s been so ‘up and down’ wintery, wet weather through most of December/January and a few hot, to veryimage hot days through Feb.  now very pleasant weather – it is autumn after all – the best season of all.  But that’s just my opinion.  Beautiful colours, and reasonable temperatures.

But just to whet your “appetites” for the spring (those in the Northern Hemisphere) I have a couple of photos from our garden.  Enjoy.  Till next time.

Gladioli from our garden
Gladioli from our garden