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Wholly Cow!

Well, with that title I’d better explain.  Today we went for a drive and stopped for morning tea in Sawtell, NSW, not far from Coffs Harbour.   We parked the car and were in fact parked only a couple of … Continue reading

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Happy Boxing Day!

Hi there, hope you all had a relaxing and happy Christmas day with family and friends yesterday or on Christmas Eve for those who observe their gift giving and family get together the night before.  It’s not quite new years … Continue reading

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Best way to “de-stress” yourself?

Well, I don’t know what you like to do to “de-stress” yourself but I like going out to nature and enjoying the trees, birds and just “delighting in life”.  You may have noticed that one of my favourite stamps is … Continue reading

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What Is the Best Age for Retirement?

While everyone has different views and opinions on the right age for retirement, it is really a personal matter. Several factors need consideration before determining the best age for retirement. Obviously, retirement is a financial issue; however, there are many … Continue reading

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Back on air!

What’s on you mind, I’m asked. Well for one, it’s months since I have posted anything here. Amazing how time flies. Since my last posting we have moved into our new home – at last, only took 12 months! Could … Continue reading

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Encourage the little people in your life or just your favourite one….

Why not check out these little books for yourself and see how you can motivate the children in your life. Whether your grand-daughter, grandson or your own son or daughter who needs just that little bit of an incentive to … Continue reading

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Watch this space…..!

I have received so many books – free – and no time to write the reviews for them. However, over the next few weeks I am re-reading those books and will be posting my reviews here as well as the locations requested … Continue reading

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