Examples of the CM Custom Cutting System

As promised, I am re-posting some examples of the Creative Memories custom cutting system. These examples were made in my ‘earlier’ days of scrapbooking but as I said I still use it today.  I previously showed you a photo of a medallion made with circle “tiles”, I have included it here again.  The cards I’m showing you here, you have seen before but I had not identified how the circle cuts were made.  The scrapbooking page has also been shown before, but then, I did say I was re-posting.

Most of the cards were made for various swaps or challenges.  The scrapbook page is one I made when I first started, I used both circles and ovals.  This will be part one, I have found more than I thought I would, so I will send part 2 later which will show a few more ways to use the custom cutting system.  Thanks for reading and looking.

Tiger with teabag folded butterfly

Author: raevon59

Scrapbooker, card maker and seller. In the "real" world I am an Administration Officer. I would really like to spend more time writing books, making cards and filling albums with my scrapbook pages.

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