Watch this space!

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This is just a quick post to let you know to “watch this space” because there are some great new items coming in July, but in the meantime check out some of the other goodies.  Remember how I said they might bring some new CCS items, well stay tuned for my Tuesday post.

I may have already shown you this flier but because the offer runs out on 4 July 2017, I thought I’d run it by you again, and this is where you can order.  So until Tuesday.


Final instalment on CM Custom Cutting System


This is the last instalment I have for you on the Custom Cutting System.  I’m sure Creative Memories will bring something similar to these at some stage, these are older ones I had when I first started with Creative Memories some years ago.

Anyway, here are the examples that I found, I had made them some time ago, when I had to make a card that was not square, circle or rectangle.  Enjoy and thanks for reading.

Here is part 2 – CM Custom Cutting system

Hello again,

I have some more examples of using the Custom Cutting System (CCS), and no it is not a machine as someone thought.  That is the beauty of this system you don’t need a machine to use it – well unless you call your hands a machine :).

The way the CCS works – it has a groove into which you place the cutting tool – if you look closely you can see the two little buttons, they go into the groove and the yellow you can see is the blade shaped like a ‘V’ which allows you to cut either direction..


To get the most out of the CCS you need to have all three blades: blue, red and green.  The three blades give you the different sizes.  You can cut on the outside of the guides as well as the inside, which means you can get 6 different sizes of whichever style you want – circles, ovals, rectangles or squares, oh and there is also a hexagon one.  If you watch the video here  you can see how it works, there are a couple of other videos which also show the border maker.  Once you’ve watched the video you’ll want to get your own, which you can do here. 


This one shows the CM Cutting mat, the hexagon CCS and the three blades.  You can see the grooves into which the 2 “buttons” fit and guide your cutting blade around the shape.  Also, a handy point with each of the shapes they have little “feet” doesn’t lift them off the paper, they just help the shape guide to stay in place so it doesn’t move while you cut.  The video is a helpful tool to show you exactly how to use these wonderful, portable cutting tools.

Now for photos of the examples I promised.








The next two show the different shapes available and also the wavy ones which come as a paper trimmer.

Enjoy the photos and videos.  Cheers for now.

Examples of the CM Custom Cutting System

As promised, I am re-posting some examples of the Creative Memories custom cutting system. These examples were made in my ‘earlier’ days of scrapbooking but as I said I still use it today.  I previously showed you a photo of a medallion made with circle “tiles”, I have included it here again.  The cards I’m showing you here, you have seen before but I had not identified how the circle cuts were made.  The scrapbooking page has also been shown before, but then, I did say I was re-posting.

Most of the cards were made for various swaps or challenges.  The scrapbook page is one I made when I first started, I used both circles and ovals.  This will be part one, I have found more than I thought I would, so I will send part 2 later which will show a few more ways to use the custom cutting system.  Thanks for reading and looking.

Tiger with teabag folded butterfly

A cutting system like no other.

Hi folks,

Another week gone by, hope it was a good one for you.  Today’s post is about the Creative Memories Custom Cutting System.   CM have had this cutting system for many years now and it is the most versatile, at least in my book anyway.  You can take it with you anywhere without having to lug a heavy cutting machine and all that goes with it.  Don’t get me wrong, the machines are great when it comes to different effects but as with every tool, they have their purpose.  If, however, you just want a quick and easy system that can get you beautiful, simple effects, the CM Custom Cutting System is great.

I have been using these since I started scrapbooking and card making, in fact, these are what I started with and still use today, so for today’s post I have a video for you to enjoy and get you enthused and my CM Website link is below the video, so that you can order yours and get cracking with your scrapbooking.  Easy!

Anyway, if you’re anything like me, you have heaps of photos, postcards and other momentos to preserve and what better way!   I have previously shown examples of pages I made with the CCS but I will re-post a couple in my next post.  In the mean time the object or purpose of this post is the video which shows how easy it is to use the CM CSS (Creative Memories Custom Cutting System) and below it is the link to my CM website. Enjoy!

The link to my website to get your very own Custom Cutting System.

Now that you have your order placed, you can sort through your photos and get started as soon as it arrives.  Have fun and I’ll see you soon.

Where does the time go?

Hello there,

Where has the time gone, it only seems like yesterday, oh, alright a couple of days ago since my last post but it was actually 12 days ago!  I must have been having fun??

Well, I have been busy working and trying to learn how blogs etc work so I can make life a bit easier when doing my blog posts.  Ha, ha, as a friend would say, with computers nothing is easy.

But stop, I am not here to discuss the pros and cons of computers, I am here to show you some the flyers for Creative Memories new “stuff” for June.  Yes, I know this is the second week of June but we only got back from holidays at the beginning of last week, and needed to get organised (that’ll be the day:)) before going back to work.  I started to write this post for you last Friday – well, you know how far that got – turned the computer on that’s it.

Now to the point of this post, showing new products and information about them, and perhaps a card at the end.

Let’s start with the new products flyers, some lovely paper packs, punches and border makers.  A couple of bundles which will only be available for a short time – i.e. Limited editions, namely the Americana Bundle and the Celebrate Canadian.  The “Adventure” paper packs look great for showing off your adventures and I hope to get some of our recent adventures “scrapped” and uploaded for you in the weeks to come using the digital versions.  You can also checkout my website or CM Blog.

The card show the Daisy Punch now no longer available, but the Doily and the new Adventure punch are available, so get in quick before it’s gone.   You know where you can do that, at my website. 

Until next time and thanks for looking.