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Time for another card

Hello again,

Today I have a card which I finished a week or so ago and thought you might enjoy!  It has a bit of nostalgia and fantasy combined with simplicity.  I made it from some left over paper and Michael Strong stamps – fan – and a bought flower, though not sure where I bought it.  Anyway, enjoy!  As always let me know what you think.

Mother”s Day – Happy Mothers Day

Hi folks,  I’m back with trying to catch up with “one card a week” I have two more for you.

In light of it being Mother’s Day yesterday I thought I would share some appropriate cards with you.  These were made when we were up in Port Stephens as part of a Kaszazz card kit.  No instructions given only some photos of cards as suggestions, so these are my interpretations.  For those of you reading this who are mothers, I hope you had/have a beautiful day with your family.

I won’t prattle on because I think the cards will say more.  So enjoy!  Until next time.

Hello again!

HI there, I did say I would try and catch up on one card a week.  Here goes, I have 9 to catch up and one for this week.

I made 20+ cards while on holiday in Port Stephens, I have shown you two of those already yesterday.  Today I will show a couple that use a variety of products from Kaszazz, Creative Memories and other assorted “ingredients”.   The one on the left is made with an embossing folder (cannot remember the brand – will advise later), which I cut into the two pieces and attached to the card blank and just to add a little more dimension I added the little Fairy.  The one on the right is a white card base stamped with the same “Moroccan” pattern stamp (Kaszazz) as the overlay, I added some paper flowers stamped and cut out – again no brand but the stamp came free with a magazine.  Enjoy!

Heaps to catch up on!

Hi folks, I know I have heaps to catch up with but for today I will simply give you a couple of cards to go on with.

One thing I’m sure of, when you make a statement that you will do something each week, day or month even, something else always comes up.  I made the statement that I would post a card each week, well, that didn’t quite happen.  So, I will catch up and make every effort to upload a card during my breaks in study.  Yes, I going back to study in July, so I hope to catch up before then.  However,  I won’t promise which day, because that would only jinx it again.

You will have already read my post about the scrapbooking workshop for “National Scrapbooking Day” over the weekend, so I will leave that alone except to say that I did add some embellishments of my own.  Some of you may have taken part in groups around the world making your scrapbook pages whether organised or just on your own with friends.

Now it’s time to get back to my card a week.  The two cards I’m posting today were made while on holiday in March at Ports Stephens, NSW.  The card “Live Laugh Love” was made with Creative Memories papers and embellishments.  The “Happy Birthday” was made with coloured and white cardstock I already had from elsewhere, and using a stencil from the “Frozen” bundle I acquired some time back, I stencilled the white cardstock with the flowers/snowflakes and then stamped the greeting and “tulip and star” also from “Frozen”.  The “waves” were punched using the Creative Memories ‘Ocean Wave’ Border Maker cartridge.  One that, unfortunately, is no longer available.  Hope you like them.  Enjoy!

Until next time.  Cheers and thanks for looking and reading.

Live, Laugh, Love
Happy Birthday


National Scrapbooking Weekend!

Hi folks,  National or International Scrapbooking Day/weekend was enjoyable, hard work but worth the effort.  It was a pity that my customers were unable to attend, because they missed out on a very productive and enjoyable day.

The aim was to have four 2-page layouts completed, preferably with photos but in our case we had the layouts complete one day and attached photos the next.  Because of some of the mat sizes on the layouts, it was a little difficult to find appropriate photos to cut to size so we have left some of the layouts blank until we can find suitable photos or manage to reduce some in size.

For those new to scrapbooking, using templates is the way to go but that is unfortunately a drawback because photos don’t always fit the templates, but hey, you have to start somewhere.  Once you get the idea of putting things together you can use your own designs to “scrap” or “dress up” your photos to make them even more fun to go through.

We have several albums of scrapbook pages, mostly made by me until this year when my partner started.  Anyway, I had better get to the photos for you to see what we did.

I also made a digital version which is a PDF version, this version has different photos to that in Set 2, Digital NSD.

Thanks for reading and looking.  Cheers, until next time.

First set – Layout 1
First set – Layout 2
First set – Layout 3
First set – Layout 4

Set 2 – Layout 1
Set 2 – Layout 2
Set 2 – Layout 3
Set 2 – Layout 4