Happy Boxing Day!

Hi there, hope you all had a relaxing and happy Christmas day with family and friends yesterday or on Christmas Eve for those who observe their gift giving and family get together the night before.  It’s not quite new years but I resolved that I will make and post (here on my blog) at least one card a week.  Being a creative consultant, I should be able to accomplish this even with my studies and other activities.  I don’t like making promises I may not be able to keep, but I think one card a week should be achievable.  I know of one crafter who promised to make a card a day for a year – yes, 365 cards – quite a task, so when I read that I thought it was quite an ambitious task, some would say rash.  Why? because many things can intervene to prevent you from achieving such an undertaking.  How many did he achieve you ask, well, if I remember correctly approximate a little over 1/3.

I am not promising, I merely resolved to do one card a week and upload here. My why? Because at least that way I have a weekly goal to achieve and we all know that goals are reached one step at a time.  Also, we are told by the “experts” that we should have a goal and make every effort to achieve it.  Well, I thought I would start with a small goal, one card a week and see what happens.  Anyone out there care to challenge yourselves, it can be anything really, like reading x amount of pages per day of a certain book, writing a letter – not an email – to someone you’ve neglected for some time.  Make it whatever you have been promising to do “one day”.  There are many things people keep promising themselves that “I will get to that one day” but that ‘one day’ never seems to arrive.  Why not join me and set yourselves a goal?   I will now get off my podium:-)  Until next time.  Cheers. img_1211


Happy Christmas to friends, family and followers of my blog.

Just want to wish all my followers a very happy and safe Christmas.  Reach out to those you haven’t seen or spoken with for some time/years.  With all the chaos in the world our family and friends are precious, we should never forget them, and especially at this time we should forget our petty differences and appreciate the famil and friendships we each have.  Enjoy your Christmas and New Year festivities, be safe, relax and come back in 2017 to start it all again:)!  Cheers!!!

Here’s a quick Project Life compilation I put together to wish everyone on my blog and Facebook a Happy Christmas. Enjoy.  See you in 2017.

By the way, you can make your own project simply by clicking on this link:  http://www.shopbeckyhiggins.com?rfsn=426668.a8c507.

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Cards as promised that I made this week

Hi everyone, here are the cards I made this week but had not yet posted here.  I promised I would show you, especially for those not on Facebook or in the Michael Strong group.  I am sure you are all busy with preparations/celebrations or other Christmas festivities, catching up with family and friends, so I won’t prattle on but simply wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2017.  For those who happen to be alone, enjoy the festivities around you, even if only on TV, you are not alone, you do have people who think of you, they just may not know you by name.  Enjoy, be happy and have a safe Christmas and New Year break.  Now, to business, I am the cards for those following my blog have not yet seen, so crab a cuppa and enjoy. So until next time….


Card Captain – cards to come

Hello everyone, I know I promised to load this weeks cards today, Friday.  However, other things had to take priority today so hopefully I will get them uploaded tomorrow (those that haven’t been loaded yet).

So, stay tuned and you will get to see them soon.  If you don’t get back here before Christmas, Happy Christmas to you all and a safer, healthier and happier 2017. Have fun and relax but please stay alive to come back and see what I produce next year.

In the meantime, check these cuties out.  They are for sale and I have listed them on eBay.  Contact me if you are interested and I can give you the links.  Cheers.




Last for 2016 – Card Captain that is.

Hello all, here is my last contribution for 2016, I hope you have enjoyed my cards this week and got some inspiration from them. I am happy to answer any questions about my cards and happy to assist anyone.

Have a wonderful Christmas one and all, may our American members of the Michael Strong Group, not freeze too much, our Southern Hemisphere members stay cool.
All the best for a much happier, healthier, and safer 2017.  Cheers.

Card captain – Technique day

Hi there folks,

A lot has happened since my last post here, but mostly in my personal life and not really relevant to share, suffice to say I’ve been occupied with a number of different things.

Study has been one of my activities this year and has limited my time for cardmaking so I haven’t been making as many as previously, but I still try to do a week of being card captain now and then.  It seems that I only get to post here when I am card captain.  People say you should post every day about what you do, how you feel, etc. however, if I did that I wouldn’t have any followers, why, because it would be boring to read the same “stuff” over and over.  I find that with Facebook, seeing the same “stuff” being shared over and over by different people, family fueds and I don’t mean the television game show, lol.

Anyway, I had better get this post done and  get some sleep.

Here is my technique to which I referred early in the week (for those in the Michael Strong Group).  It is a very simple technique but it does take some thinking through before you start.

The first thing you need to think about is what you want as you main focus, in my case it was the list of different coffees on the back of a pack of Nescafé Cappuccino sachets.  Trimmed to fit onto a card.

Make your card blank, and once you have your focus, decide what stamps you wish to use, I used the coffee cups, worked out what I thought would be more effective, cutting out and mounting or stamp underneath as background as well.  I decided to stamp as background as well because I didn’t have any patterned papers that would have been appropriate.

For the stamp I used KAISERfusion BR10 pen instead of inks, just a warning with that, you need to make sure you use stamp cleaner after and rinse the stamp off in water.  Do your stamping and cutting out if that’s what you wish to do, before you start assembling your card.

Once you have your background sorted, and all the stamping and cutting out that you want done, start by attaching your “focus” which in my case was the list of coffees.  When your card is assembled – done.  It is more complex to think out what you want to do and then explain how, than it is to actually do.  Perhaps that is why I don’t enter too many competitions, because I don’t keep a record of brands, and measurements. 🙂

Anyway have a go and if you wish you can upload your card on my Crafty things Facebook page <https://www.facebook.com/makeNtakes/> .

For now I will load the “coffee” card and today’s card “teas”, which used similar method to the coffee card.  Enjoy and let me have your comments either here or on my Facebook page.  Bye for now.  PS I can’t seem to get the Tea card to go landscape so apologies for that.