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Hi, making the cards for my “Card Captain” week last week I realised that I haven’t posted quite a few of my cards, and even though I haven’t even made a card a week perhaps with those I have made added to the 5 I made for Card Captain week adds up to quite a few.

I also realised that I had promised to share with you the cards I made at a Kaszazz Consultants’ workshop or rather, started at the workshop and then finished about two or three weeks later.  So, I am now going to start with those workshop cards and then gradually catchup with the other cards I’ve made so far this year.  No promises that I will post every day because I am currently undertaking study as well, and even though I only work two days a week now, I  find that most days I don’t feel like writing.  I have a lot of different ideas, thoughts etc going through my mind, like most people, and sometimes I simply don’t know where to start so I don’t:).  Well, another month is halfway gone and my first assignment is due on Tuesday, and I have exams on the 31st of March.  So I had better get this post done so that I can move on and read, read, and read.  I hope you like the cards and thank you for following my blog.




I’m looking to make some of my cards available for purchase, I will advise which cards are for sale and the cost a little later.

You see, now that I’m only working 2 days a week I need to find another income ….  Cheers.


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Frustrated computer user who is trying to get her online business going!
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