Card of the Day – Day 4

Hello again, well it’s Thursday so it must be technique day. Because I had some (lots) photos of the flowers in our garden I thought I would try to use them as background papers. Here is my first attempt.

I printed the photo on A5 (half A4), then trimmed to fit the card blank and attached after roughly working out what I was going to do and how. Then stamped Mike’s small tulip on some patterned paper, which I then trimmed to size.  Attached with double sided tape; then keeping the theme of flowers I found pre-made flowers – the red one came with brad attached to which of course I added the white linen one and attached with a double sided mount. Then because I felt it was missing something I thought a sentiment of some kind was needed and I had some pre-made ones to choose from and I thought the best was “beauty” simply because flowers are beautiful. And, voila. That’s the card for Thursday. Hope you like it. Until tomorrow.

Card 5 COTD Dec2015

Beauty indeed!


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