Card of the day – day 5!

Phew! Made it, nearly didn’t get the last one done. Anyway, this little one is made with Kaszazz Moment to moment cards along the lines of pocket cards (Becky Higgins’ Project Life). I reduced a couple of photos and coloured the background on the computer, then simply assembled with Mike’s fan stamp in the corner to dress it up. So, that’s 2 techniques for you this week. I hope you enjoyed the cards as much as I enjoyed devising them. Thanks for looking and for your generous comments throughout the week. Until next time. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year break. Cheers, Lola.

COTD - Day 5

Sorry about the delay in posting this, but I had some Christmas cards to make which needed to be “snail mailed” so ….. Thanks for looking. Enjoy!


Card of the Day – Day 4

Hello again, well it’s Thursday so it must be technique day. Because I had some (lots) photos of the flowers in our garden I thought I would try to use them as background papers. Here is my first attempt.

I printed the photo on A5 (half A4), then trimmed to fit the card blank and attached after roughly working out what I was going to do and how. Then stamped Mike’s small tulip on some patterned paper, which I then trimmed to size.  Attached with double sided tape; then keeping the theme of flowers I found pre-made flowers – the red one came with brad attached to which of course I added the white linen one and attached with a double sided mount. Then because I felt it was missing something I thought a sentiment of some kind was needed and I had some pre-made ones to choose from and I thought the best was “beauty” simply because flowers are beautiful. And, voila. That’s the card for Thursday. Hope you like it. Until tomorrow.

Card 5 COTD Dec2015
Beauty indeed!

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Day 3 – Card of the Day

Hi there, just a quick post tonight.  Thank you to all who commented on Facebook or via email on my previous two cards this week. Here is installment 3, just playing with ideas this time not really any specific theme. Hope you like it.  Cheerio for now. See you tomorrow.

Card 3 COTD Dec2015
Medallion made from teabag packets.

Card Captain this week!

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting. I am Card Captain again this week so uploading the first two cards. being Card Captain means that I get some cards made.  I haven’t made too many in the last few weeks.  I have used the Christmas theme for these two because I ran out of Christmas cards, can you believe it?!   Anyway hope you like them.

Enjoy! Thanks again for visiting.


Day 1 - Card of the Day
Day 1 – Card of the Day
Card of the Day - #2 Dec2015
Card of the Day – #2 Dec2015