What Is the Best Age for Retirement?

While everyone has different views and opinions on the right age for retirement, it is really a personal matter. Several factors need consideration before determining the best age for retirement.

Obviously, retirement is a financial issue; however, there are many other factors involved in the process of preparing for and thinking about retirement.

Health Matters

The typical age for retirement is somewhere around the ages of 62 – 67. However, you need to consider your health into the equation as well. Many older folks tend to suffer from common ailment such as:

  •  Arthritis
  • Impaired vision
  • Heart disease
  • Memory loss

These are just to name a few. If you are planning to work as late as possible, then maintaining proper health is an important requirement to retirement planning. The decision to take good care of your health is never too late. Taking good care of your health will ensure that you will be able to work longer, earn more, and put more away for your golden years.

In America, you will also be able to collect more Social Security the longer you work. In addition, keep in mind that the longer you work, the longer your health insurance will stay in place.  Of course, different countries have different rules and regulations about pensions, health benefits etc. for retirees.  You need to check these with your relevant official offices/departments.


Of course, finances are one of the biggest parts of the equation for retirement. You need to plan, plan, and then plan some more when figuring out your financial situation for retirement. If you have begun to save early, then your retirement age will come earlier. If you are a late saver, then it stands to reason that your retirement may be put off until a bit later.

  1. Seek advice from a professional – If you have not already started, seek the advice of a financial planner. You may think you know how much you need to retire, but that figure may be way off from what you will really need to maintain your standard of living after retirement. If you have superannuation or similar you superannuation representative will be able to help you with working some of these things out.
  2. Take advantage of being over 50 – If you have any tax deferrable accounts, look into the possibility of contributing more dollars for fewer taxes. Speak to a professional about this option. In some countries you might be able to have tax offsets which will help with how much tax you pay, therefore, giving you more in your bank account/take home pay.  Again you will need to check with your tax department about anything like this.
  3. Get comfortable with being a senior citizen – There are financial benefits to being older, such as eligibility for tax grievances, senior discounts on dining, parks, and even travel.

Think Ahead

Think ahead about what retirement means to you. If you are perfectly fine with retiring at an average age and just kicking back and relaxing, then retiring at a later age might suit you just fine.

However, if you plan to be actively engaged in sports and physical activity, retiring at an earlier age may be a better fit.

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Spring time in the North!

Hello there, sitting out on our patio and enjoying the lovely weather.  It’s been so ‘up and down’ wintery, wet weather through most of December/January and a few hot, to veryimage hot days through Feb.  now very pleasant weather – it is autumn after all – the best season of all.  But that’s just my opinion.  Beautiful colours, and reasonable temperatures.

But just to whet your “appetites” for the spring (those in the Northern Hemisphere) I have a couple of photos from our garden.  Enjoy.  Till next time.

Gladioli from our garden
Gladioli from our garden

Gentleman crafter is back, phew, what a relief!

Just a quick one today.  I am subscribed to John Bloodworth’s Blog – “John – Gentleman Craftier” and he went off air from one day to the next and I even re-subscribed! But he is back again. You have to check out is blog  https://gentlemancrafter.wordpress.com/author/johnbloodworth/  he is just so talented.   This year he is making one ATC (Artists Trading Card – for those who are not familiar with papercraft) a day, can you imagine, I have a hard time making a card a week!  Anyway it’s great to have him back, his work is really inspiring.  Cheers for now.