Back on air!

What’s on you mind, I’m asked. Well for one, it’s months since I have posted anything here. Amazing how time flies. Since my last posting we have moved into our new home – at last, only took 12 months! Could just about write a book on the subject of do’s and don’ts. One definite is a “don’t” for those wanting to borrow against the equity in their homes with a reverse mortgage. Why? Because they take you to the cleaners! Even when you want to pay the mortgage out they will take their time to give you a payout figure, ignore your calls, letters, anything just so they can extend the time to clock up more interest payable by you. Complicated for a quick post here but simply put – they refused to give a payout figure for a year after our initial contact with them and even then they didn’t want to until threatened with media and ombudsman investigations. This cost me upwards of $12K.  No, I’m not afraid to mention the bank, BankWest. If the CEO happens to see this he is welcome to contact me.


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