Some cards made.

All good intentions and bam… something always seems to happen. Well, here are some cards I have made over the last couple of weeks. Hope you like them. I will post instructions for those interested at a later date.

TeabagFolding Group Aug2013 MSGroup AnnivChallenge Aug2013Spring flowers for Teabag Folding Group  and Michael Strong Group Anniversary Challenge.  More cards made which I haven’t photographed yet. Also made some scrapbook pages but also need to have the right light to photograph.  Life is never as simple as you hope.  You plan your day/week but something will always change it for you.  My last few weeks have been hectic, but with luck – things might slow down a little now that the second busy part of the year is gone.

July 2013 Teabag Folding Group July 2013 Happy Birthday July 2013 June-July 2013













Just thought I would add some Christmas feel as well with my last addition here.  As it’s not far off, so might as well start thinking about it. The light wasn’t too bright but thought I would take it anyway.

Christmas in July 2013  Enjoy the cards and I will be back again as soon as I can.


What have you been doing the last couple of weeks?

Hi everyone, what have you been doing the last couple of weeks? Apart from work and family activities I have been making the odd card and scrapbooking pages.  Trying to read some books and also trying to get some rest before one of my busiest weeks of the year.  So enjoy the cards and I will upload some scrapbooking  pages in a day or so.  The cards below have all been made for challenges, for three different groups.  Take care everyone.  Stay cool or stay warm depending on whether you are in summer or winter (where I am). Cheers  for now.

MS Sketch 56 - LolaR Aug 2013  Sayings - gen purpose July 2013MFTWSC132 - Raevon

Watch this space…..!

I have received so many books – free – and no time to write the reviews for them. However, over the next few weeks I am re-reading those books and will be posting my reviews here as well as the locations requested by the authors/distributors.

One I read on last Sunday, yes, I read the whole book in one day, simply couldn’t put it down.  It was quite an amazing story, very imaginative and pulled you in so that you felt all the emotions of the characters.  The title “Under His Skin” by Jennifer Blackstream.  Well worth the read:

Under His Skin by Jennifer Blackstream

Under His Skin by Jennifer Blackstream

I had the honour of receiving a free copy of this book several months ago and because of work and family issues, I was unable to read it until a week ago.  I started to read and read until I had finished.  The story was intriguing and because I love stories that show good imagination and are well written I simply could not put it down.  So what is the story, in short it is a love story but also a story of stolen identity of the worst kind.  It is a story of magic, shape shifting, revenge and love.  We have all heard that “love conquers all” I am sure, but the author has really shown it.  The story is also a good example of how violence is not always the answer to problems.  A beautiful tale and well written, though a little more editing would not hurt.  Well worth a read and I would wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone with an ounce of imagination. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it.”

If you have read a book lately, and you like sci-fi or similar you will enjoy this I am sure.  Check it out at:
Happy reading!