It’s been a while!

Hello folks, those of you who are trying to follow me have probably thought I’d given up but it’s just that I have been busy with work, trying to sort out things for my elderly cantankerous mother, and tried to have a bit of a holiday.  So all in all I haven’t really felt like doing much on the computer – been too tired! I know… I’m supposed to put something up here regularly but when all you can write is complaints, what’s the point.  No-one likes to read all that gunph(sp?).

Therefore, I decided to leave things until I could show you some interesting things such as photos of where we went on holiday – not many and may not interest a lot of you – also some cards I have been making over the last few weeks.  Enough.  I think you get the gist.  Cheers for now and thank you for reading/following.  1371768281947 1361581889523 1370592910345 1370910981651 MFTWSC132 - Raevon Sayings - gen purpose July 2013 1372458286226 1373493386117


About raevon59

Frustrated computer user who is trying to get her online business going!
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