and these are my holiday snaps between rain dumps!

Port Macquarie NSW is about 8 hours’ drive, give or take, from where we live.  We went for 10 days and for about 7 it rained on and off mostly on and you had to try and go for walks or do your shopping between downpours! But we were close to town and didn’t have far to walk. The shots are along the water mostly. Saw dolphins, a sea turtle that poked its head out for a few seconds and just the general “run of the mill” pelicans that tried to take your lunch off you.  Well, that’s it for now.  Enjoy the photos.1372130728834 1372130826786 1372312797205 1372560945001 1372560957676 1372561035279 1372561048741 1372565225110 1372565601196 1372659228179 Chinese Junk at Pt Mcquarie Jun2013 One Trunk tree - Pt Mcquarie Jun2013


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