What is PHP? or even PTP?

I came across an article this morning that claimed to offer easy PHP classes, easy to follow video etc. and went on to explain how easy it was to learn “even a novice developer could it in a day”.  Well, for those of us who have been around computers for a while (20+ years) and have learned HTML and/or designed their own websites but don’t know all the “techno-babble” acronyms, a brief/short or even detailed, description of what PHP is, i.e. P…… H….P….. would be useful to know, so that we can decide whether or not the recommended texts/courses/videos are indeed what we need.  My comments on the article are:  “Interesting article, however, it would help to describe what PHP means/stands for, other than saying “PHP is an open source scripting language that helps in effective web development.” Unless you are already a programmer or so advanced in computer literacy that you know all the acronyms, and there are new ones popping up all the time, you just don’t know, so – What is PHP? Without knowing what PHP is, how does the average person wanting to improve their computer skills know whether they should learn PHP or HTML? or both? Thanks for the article though, still interesting but you need to have advanced computer knowledge to understand it. I have been using computers for 20+ years and designed my own website but I have not come across PHP until recently and no-one has given me a precise description of what it actually does.”

Where can you read this article : http://www.apsense.com/article/learning-php-in-a-day-is-it-possible.html  Don’t have an APSense account, join here:


Writing blogs – how hard can it be?

Blogs, blogs, blogs and more blogs ….   you hear it everywhere, people ask you if you have a blog.  Well, they say it’s just like writing a diary and that’s fine if you are used to writing a diary on a daily basis but not that easy if you don’t.  I found it difficult to start as I wasn’t used to writing diaries or journals, I did it for some subjects while at university but not as a normal routine.  I never knew what to write, I would sit in front of the computer and think, and think and think some more, I felt that whatever I wrote was irrelevent or uninteresting for anyone else.  So I read up on what sort of things you should write about in your blog and gradually started and then found that even though I didn’t write everyday, once I got started I did have some interesting things I could write about and comment on.   I was recommended WordPress because you don’t need to know all that computer “stuff” like html, you can just type normally,  it would enter all the computer language, the text would appear as you wrote it, so I started with just a couple of posts then nothing for a year or two, then I became involved with a couple of online card making groups and with their encouragement I have added everything you can now see on my blog.   I even did a blog hop last year with one of the groups, which further encouraged me to do more with my website and well, you can see the results.  If you want to check one of my websites here is the link:  http://www.12path.com/candles

There are several places you can start a blog, I found WordPress a good, user friendly one, I still have problems with “maneouvering” pics around and still learning how to arrange things but at least it’s out there for you all to see.  Go on, get started and see what you can do.

A useful book if you need more help:  “WordPress Revealed: How to build a website…  by Matt Wolfe”  and it is available from Amazon at the following link:   http://www.12path.com/Amazon/WPRevealed/

Scrapbooking – one page finished!

Well, I said I had a few scrapbooking pages to complete – yep, I managed to get one finished finally after 12 months!  Yippee! only another 6 to go and that’s just the ones I have started….

Keep me going for some time I think but in the meantime I have cards to make and books to review. In fact I have lost count of the books on my list waiting to be read and reveiwed, somewhere between 6-9.  I have read 3-4 which I have yet to write reviews on but that’s for another day.

The scrapbook page is here:

Cousins wedding