More books – what a way to start the year

Hey everyone, have you been reading any books lately? Ebooks, physical books, whatever subject or genre? In today’s computer age it seems that we don’t spend enough time away from our “essential toy” – the computer.  We use them to write letters, send information all over the world, play games and even read books and watch TV.  I know I’m as guilty as the next person with computer use but I have re-found books and yes, I read ebooks, I also make cards – not that you didn’t know that if you have been watching my blog posts.  But the last couple of weeks, books have taken precedence and I have two books usually “on the go”.  Where do I get these books?  Well, I am a member of The Library Thing where they have Early Review book giveaways and Member Giveaways.  The purpose of the giveaways is for you to read the book and then write a review and post it on The Library Thing, Amazon and Smashwords. As you know I also post the reviews here too for you to read, wherever possible I attach a link where you can purchase a copy of the book.

Twisted Souls (Twisted Souls #2) by Cege… 

This is my first venture into this genre of book and being #2 of course I wasn’t familiar with the style or the subject. It took a little getting used to but I finally worked out what was happening – these challenges I like – and of course I just had to finish it.  Unusual topic, style and characters, for me at least, made it an enjoyable read nonetheless.  Well thought out characters and story line and I’m guessing, as I haven’t yet read #1, that this book follows events from there. Suspense, drama and unusual subject matter all play their roles in making this book entertaining, perhaps a little scary but definitely a good read. I sometimes wonder whether people who kill innocent children or even adults on shooting sprees are soulless like those Cege Smith portrays. Perhaps these people need to have soul implantation day to make them more human.  An interesting thought.  Could use some editorial corrections but these don’t detract from its readability. Enjoy – I did. I would like to thank Cege Smith for the opportunity of reading Twisted Souls #2 through the Library Thing Giveaway.

Get your own copy here:


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