Looking for some ideas?

Hi everyone, I have been busy making cards ‘n stuff and realised I haven’t given you any of my other business ideas/suggestions or affiliations.

I gave you my “beauty scents” one which had a couple of my “sidelines” but I have a few more I would like to share.  The first of them- it’s one of my favourites, check it out:  http://www.socialsurf4u.com/splash-personal.php?rid=1673

Linked with both the one above and the one below:  http://clicktrackprofit.com/?referer=jolan

Well, it is my blog so I presume I can give you as many links as I like but I think 3 is more than sufficient for now.  You see, they are all linked together, join one and you will want to join the other two because you can then advertise one on the other or even get downlines from the others.  How does that work you say, well go ahead and join one of them, check it out and if you need help just message me and I will give you more appropriate explanations.


Did I say 3 was sufficient, well here are some other links you might like to check out.

Do you commute for 1 hour plus to work or do you just take 12 seconds to get to your office? If you fall into the first category,  here’s a suggestion for you, check this out and get back to me if you need more info:  http://www.12path.com/kiwi/von12

Another you might like:  http://www.viralnugget.com/members/?s=10396

Go on have a go, nothing changes if nothing changes, eh? I know, it’s a worn out saying but hey, it is true!

Have a great day!


More recent pages – scrapbooking.

These are some of my more recent pages – 2-page spreads.  I have a few more to finish but these will give you something to enjoy.  Cheers.

Page 1 of 2
Page 1 of 2
page 2 of 2
page 2 of 2
Page 1 of 2 page spread
Page 1 of 2 page spread
Page 2 of 2-page spread
Page 2 of 2-page spread
BA degree
BA degree
BA and Grad Dip grad days
BA and Grad Dip grad days

Some of my early work!


1358322387686 1358322368669 1358322350657 1358322334990 1358322323914 1358322394780These are some of my early work. The next post will be some more recent 2-page spreads. I am still working on some others single and 2-page ones.  I am hoping to finish those in the next couple of weeks.

Stay tuned for the next installment.

I am still reading heaps of books and reviews will be forthcoming just as soon as I can find the time to write them.  I will post some of the titles on my blog and if they interest you, look for them on Amazon or Smashwords.

Book list in the next couple of days, reviews later and more scrapbooking in a week or so.  Hey that’s a heap of work!  Enjoy.  Cheers.




Scrapbooking pages to come!

Hi everyone, this is just a quick note of my sincere apologies! I promised I would upload some of my scrapbook pages last week, however, life, as it does, got in the way and so much has happened that I haven’t had time to upload them, sorry.  I have set aside time this evening to upload them and I also have several others I have been working on so I will now make it a point of finishing those as well and uploading some if not all.

Take heart, I haven’t forgotten just got interrupted by life! Cheerio for now.

Holiday snaps.

I promised I would post some photos of where we went for holidays, well, got sidetracked didn’t I but fear not I have posted some under “Ballarat …”   https://raevon59.wordpress.com/2013/01/12/ballarat-victoria-australia-enjoy-we-did/   post just all photos of the resort.   You will see just why I love the resort.  Located in Ballarat (Sebastapol is the suburb), for those not living in Australia it is in the State of Victoria (southern state of eastern Australia), not the most southern, that is Tasmania.  We were there for Christmas, the day we arrived the weather was on the cool side, in fact the drive down (took between 8-9 hours with food and comfort stops along the way) was quite cold when we got out of the car.  Summer here can be quite hot and a couple of days later sure enough the heat was with us.  Now back home we are coping with 30-35c plus and keeping a lookout for fires in the region,  Come end of Feb and March we will probably have floods again, and so it goes.  Happens everywhere but you don’t take too much notice usually until it happens in your vicinity.  Anyway,  enjoy the photos because we certainly enjoyed being there.  Questions? just post them here and I will reply as quickly as I am able.

Scrapbooking – yes I do that too!

Hi everyone, I was chatting with a friend on the phone earlier today and she asked me if I did scrapbooking or just cards. My reply was yes, I do scrapbooking and realised at the same time that I have not actually posted any scrapbook pages on here, so I am now going off to take photos of my scrapbook pages to load here. I will post them in the gallery as there will be too many for a quick post.  Keep a lookout for them in the next day or so.  For now just a couple of cards made for – well, no reason at all just “mucking around”.  Enjoy.Just trying stuff out - Jan 2013 Just mucking around - Jan 2013