Some Christmas Cards I have received

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful and safe Christmas with family and friends.

Just back from holidays, my partner and I took Mum (84yo) to Ballarat in the State of Victoria, Australia (for those outside Australia), for 10 days and had a lovely Christmas eve and a quiet Christmas Day taking a leisurely stroll around the resort. I will post photos of the resort later but for now will post some of the Christmas cards received, mainly because they need to be acknowledge and posting them to the various groups gets too confusing and not least because I get side-tracked and then forget to.  So enjoy and later I will also post some cards I made for Christmas.  Cheers for now.Toni W Dec 2012 1-4-1 Swap Christmas Card Recd - Dec2012 Received from Barb Ingerson Dec2012 Received from Kim - Dec 2012 Received from Maureen Stone - Dec 2012Recd from Anna - CMF RAK Dec 2012


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