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Card now finished!

I started this card a few weeks ago and only got as far as cutting it out but now I have completed it. May not be very elaborate or ornate but I tend to go for the simple ones particularly when you have to concertina the card.  I have taken several shots to give you a good look.  Enjoy and have a go.  I give you a challenge to see what you can achieve!  Ciao.

Cards I have received

Just wanted to share some cards I received over the past few weeks. The first has a tea-bag folded medallion with a “stained glass window” behind.  The other is an ATC with the theme of Favourite – Food – pears.  Another – Hat and Shoes and another was a Gold and Glitter card challenge through the Michael Strong Stamps Group showing Mike’s Crane stamps –  check out his site for these great stamps http://www.strongstamps.com/index.htm.  Enjoy!

Teabag folded medallion









Raevon’s musings

Some years ago I was introduced to the games on Facebook – my reaction “I don’t play computer games”.  However, got hooked and later found heaps of other games to play, got bored, then went back to playing again. A little later started to make cards again and well……I sort of lost interest in Facebook again and now hardly ever get on there, mostly to check for any messages that might come through.  You can see some of my cards here on this blog and I have uploaded another one for your enjoyment. Have a great day/night depending on where you are.

Happy Birthday
Card made at workshop

The Library Thing

I wanted to catalogue my books but trying to type up a list seemed daunting and then I found “The Library Thing” which will help you catalogue your books just by entering a few appropriate search words.  Still a work in progress but any progress is progress, eh? I did actually win a free ebook and wrote a review of it, I also added a title which I came across by sheer chance, read the book and wrote a review.  If you like reading and books check it out for yourself: http://www.librarything.com . Happy reading!